The business activities we run are in retail and wholesale. our marketed products comprise of fresh wet food for daily necessities and business. At the early stage of our operations, our focus is always to prioritize in the food sector which involves the marketing of fresh fish especially in wholesale markets and farmer markets. In 2012, sales of fishery fish started by being a supplier to fishermen’s association and a number of selected retail chain of entrepreneurs throughout the country. In addition, we also carry out processing and marketing of fishery products, especially NEKMAT’s cold-rolled products.

Each State Fishermen’s Association and Area Fishermen’s Association have their own business category, based on the capabilities of the products being traded. We offer affordable prices with various affordable value offerings.

We operate a business based on the HALAL concept by emphasizing the sincerity, customer satisfaction and the best blessings in all aspects of the business., a new seafood product and delivery service website that is helping local fishermen sell their catch directly to the consumer.